DNR Licensing

You may purchase your hunting, trapping and fishing licenses at the Recorder's Officer, or online at the Iowa DNR.

DNR Licensing


Iowa Fishing Licenses

License Fees

Resident Fishing License Fee
Annual 16 years old and older $19.00
7-day $13.50
1-Day $9.50
Trout Fee $12.50
Lifetime (65 years old and older) $52.50
Boundary Water Sport Troutline $22.50
Non-Resident Fishing License Fees
Annual 16 years old and older $41.00
7-day $32.00
3-day $17.50
1-Day $10.50
Trout Fee $15.00
Boundary Water Sport Troutline $42.50

Most licenses may be purchased online, at any of Iowa's 900 license vendors, or by calling at 1-800-367-1188.

Special License for Residents

  1. Annual Free Fishing or Combination Hunting and Fishing licenses are available to residents of Iowa, 65 years or older with low income, or residents permanently disabled with low income.
  2. Disabled Veteran’s License – Available to Iowa residents that are a veteran as defined in Section 35.1, who was disabled, or who was a prisoner of war during their military service. Disabled means entitled to compensation under United States Code, Title 38, Ch. 11.

Applications and assistance for these special licenses are available at DNR offices that sell hunting and fishing licenses.


The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is required to collect social security numbers from all persons obtaining a hunting, fishing or other recreational license under section 252J.8 of the Code of Iowa and 42 U.S. Code 666(a)(13). Your social security number will serve as your principal identification number to determine your eligibility for licenses. It will be provided to law enforcement agencies and the Iowa Child Support Collection Unit to establish, modify and enforce child support obligations. It WILL NOT appear on your hunting or fishing license.

Requirements for Purchasing Resident Licenses

Anglers must meet at least one of the following criteria to purchase a resident fishing license in Iowa:

  1. Have an Iowa driver’s license or Iowa non-operator’s identification card and have physically resided in Iowa 30 consecutive days immediately before applying for or purchasing a resident license.
  2. Be registered to vote in Iowa. Qualifications to register to vote are outlined in Iowa Code chapter 48A.5.
  3. Be a full-time student at an educational institution located in Iowa and reside in Iowa while attending the educational institution.
  4. Be a nonresident under 18 years of age whose parent is a resident of Iowa.
  5. Be a member of the armed forces of the United States on active duty and (a) stationed in Iowa or (b) is stationed outside of Iowa, claims residency in Iowa and has filed an Iowa income tax return for the preceding tax year.

More information about fishing licenses and regulations can be found on the Iowa DNR website.

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Hunting Licenses

License Fees

* Any resident or nonresident born on or after January 1, 1972 must have completed an approved hunter education program in Iowa or another state to buy a hunting license. If your hunter education certification is not on your customer record, you will have to either buy your license and show proof of hunter safety at a local vendor or call 1-800-367-1188 to complete the order.

** Requires prior filing of necessary forms or an affidavit with the Des Moines Central Office.  Call (515) 281-5918 for assistance obtaining these forms.

*** Sold at most county recorder's offices or the DNR office.

Hunting & Trapping License Fee
Resident Hunting $19.00
Lifetime Hunting $52.50
Non-Resident Hunting 18+ $112.00
Resident Fur Harvest 16+ $22.50
Resident Fur Harvest <16 $7.50
Non-Resident Fur Harvest $202.00
Non-Resident Hunting <18 $32.00
Migratory Bird Fee $10.00
Habitat Fee $13.00
Non-Resident Habitat Fee $13.00
Non-Resident Migratory Bird Fee $10.00
Non-Resident Falconry $28.00
Veteran Lifetime Hunting & Fishing ** $7.00
Free Annual Hunting & Fishing ** $0.00
Duplicate Lifetime Hunting Pre 91 *** $4.50
Duplicate Lifetime Hunting & Fishing Pre 91 *** $4.50
Crossbow Lifetime Use Permit ** $2.00
Crossbow Temporary Use Permit ** $2.00
Non-Ambulatory Lifetime ** $2.00
Non-Ambulatory Temporary ** $2.00
Deer Hunting Fee
Early Muzzle Antlerless $28.50
Disabled Deer Antlerless $28.50
Deer Nov Antlerless after first Anterless $13.00
Early Muzzle Antlerless after first Anterless $13.00
Disabled Deer Antlerless after first Anterless $13.00
Deer Nov Antlerless after first Anterless $13.00
Deer - Antlerless Regular Gun 1 $28.50
Early Muzzle Land/Ten Paid $13.00
Resident Paid LOT Antlerless Disabled $13.00
Resident Paid LOT Nov Antlerless $13.00
Resident Paid LOT Jan Antlerless $13.00
Resident LOT Antlerless Gun 1 & 2 $2.00
Resident LOT Antlerless Early Muzzle $2.00
Resident LOT Antlerless Late Muzzle $2.00
Resident LOT Antlerless Bow $2.00
Resident LOT Antlerless Disb. $2.00
Resident LOT Nov Antlerless $2.00
Deer-Regular Gun 1 $28.50
Deer-Regular Gun 2 $28.50
Deer-Bow $28.50
Deer-Early Muzzle $28.50
Deer-Late Muzzle $28.50
Deer-Youth $28.50
Disabled Deer ** $28.50
Farm Unit Deer Regular Gun 1 & 2 $2.00
Farm Unit Deer Regular Gun 1 & 2 $2.00
Farm Unit Deer Early Muzzle $2.00
Farm Unit Deer Late Muzzle $2.00
Farm Unit Deer Bow $2.00
Farm Unit Deer Antlerless Late $2.00
Farm Unit Deer Youth $2.00
Farm Unit Deer Disabled ** $2.00
Res Paid LOT Antlerless Bow $13.00
Res Pd LOT Antlerless Gun 1 & 2 $13.00
Res Paid LOT Antls Muzzle $13.00
Deer Antlerless Bow $28.50
Deer-Antlerless Regular Gun 2 $28.50
Deer-Antlerless Late Muzzle $28.50
Deer Antlerless Late Season $28.50
Antlerless Special Area *** $28.50
Deer Antlerless Bow $13.00
Deer-Antlerless Regular Gun 2 $13.00
Deer-Antlerless Late Muzzle $13.00
Deer Antlerless Late Season $13.00
Deer Antlerless Special Area*** $13.00
Non-Resident Deer Bow Appl $298.00
Non-Resident Deer Bow Excess $298.00
Non-Resident Deer Reg Gun 1 Appl $298.00
Non-Resident Deer Reg Gun 1 Excess $298.00
Non-Resident Deer-Reg Gun 2 Appl $298.00
Non-Resident Deer Reg Gun 2 Excess $298.00
Non-Resident Deer-Late Muzzle Appl $298.00
Non-Resident Deer Late Muzzle Excess $298.00
Non-Resident Deer-DIS Hunter Appl** $298.00
Non-Resident Deer-DIS Hunter Excess** $298.00
Non-Resident Antlerless Regular Gun 1 $128.00
Non-Resident Antlerless Regular Gun 2 $128.00
Non-Resident Antlerless Disabled** $128.00
Non-Resident Farm Antlerless Gun 1** $128.00
Non-Resident Farm Antlerless Gun 2** $128.00
Non-Resident Farm Antlerless Disabled** $128.00
Non-Resident Holiday Deer $78.00
Non-Resident Deer Preference Point $50.00
Turkey Hunting Licenses Fee
Spring Turkey Bow $23.00
Spring Turkey G/B Z4, S1-3 $23.00
Spring Turkey G/B Z4, S4 $23.00
Spring Turkey Zone1-3, S1-4 $23.00
Spring Turkey Free G/B S1-3 $1.00
Spring Turkey Free G/B S4 $1.00
Spring Turkey Free Bow $1.00
Spring Turkey Free G/B Youth $1.00
NR Spring Turkey Gun/Bow App $100.50
NR Spring Turkey Gun/Bow Excess $100.50
NR Spring Turkey Muzzle App $100.50
NR Spring Turkey Muzzle Exc $100.50
Fall Turkey G/B $24.50
Fall Turkey G/B-Free $1.00
Fall Turkey Bow-Free $1.00
Fall Turkey Bow $24.50
Other Licenses Fee
1 Year Subscription to Iowa Conservationst Magazine $14.00
Boundary Water Trotline $22.50
Retail Bait Dealer $32.50
Ginseng Harvest $37.00
Non-Resident Ginseng Harvest $67.00
Ginseng Grower $2.00
Taxidermy $17.50
Duplicate Life Hunting Pre 91*** $4.50
Duplicate Life Fishing Pre 91*** $450
Duplicate Life Hunting/Fishing Pre91*** $4.50
Duplicate Hunter Education Certification* $4.50
Deer Book $12.00

Most licenses may be purchased online,or at any of Iowa's 900 license vendors, or by calling at 1-800-367-1188.

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